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Playful Programs

The extracurricular programs at The Art of Smart were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. We have built long-lasting relationships with our vendors and have used their trusted services for over 4 years. Take a look below to learn more about each program that was created to fit each child's unique personality and interests.



With Kidokinetics, children will learn and play over 18 different sports, play fitness games, and learn anatomy and physiology.



Mr. Steve's music program is precisely planned to engage toddlers' inherent love of music and ignite their imaginations.



Our soccer program enables your child to learn the foundations of the game while also developing abilities that may be used successfully in a team situation as they grow.


Mindful Movement

A health program that combines mindfulness classes to provide children hands-on experience that helps them build their social and emotional abilities.


Kona Ice

Give your child the most delicious, flavored shaved ice this side of the islands. The Kona Ice truck comes to our school once a week, and the kids enjoy selecting their favorite flavor.

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