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Diverse Learning Environments

The Art of Smart Preschool provides young children with the tools and support they require for healthy growth. All activities are carefully planned to promote our children's emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Children are allowed to develop into brilliant young brains via interesting scenarios and hands-on learning opportunities.


Our toddler classroom is cozy, homey, and welcoming.  Toddlers love to move, dance, climb and sing. Children have opportunities throughout the day to engage in active and quiet play.  Our developmentally appropriate activities provide the child with opportunities to be both successful and challenged throughout the day as they interact with toys, books, and art materials. The teacher models behaviors like sharing and kindness so toddlers can learn by example. Teachers offer children a range of activities and experiences that inspire them and help them use their imagination.



Our two-year classroom is designed to meet the needs of our most active little learners, as they discover new ideas and experiences as individuals. Children spend time interacting with our learning centers. The teacher creates an environment and provides appropriate learning materials to allow children to explore and learn on their own. The classroom is bursting with language as children learn new words, phrases, and songs. Children begin to form friendships with their peers.


Our three-year-olds develop self-help skills, and follow directions and routines. Our classroom layout, routines, and learning experiences enable them to take charge of actions and behaviors, gain independence, and be successful, confident and empowered learners.  Children begin to participate in cooperative play with their peers. While playing, children learn and develop important skills they will continue to use throughout their lifetime. Growth in the areas of literacy, mathematical science, and social studies understanding begins to emerge.



Our Preschool program is a stepping stone to Kindergarten. Our goal is to develop a love of learning and prepare children for more formal education. The focus is on the following areas: Approaches to Learning, Logic and Reasoning Literacy, Language Math, Creative Arts Expression Social Studies, Nature, and Science. A focus on phonemic awareness ensures the foundation for reading is set. We are confident children leave our school with the tools to make them successful learners.

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